One of the most vital things when it comes to plow stakes is their night time visibility. In fact, it does not matter how fluorescent the company claims their markers to be, the things do not glow. This is the real drawback with wooden stakes. They are not at all reflective and the quality of night time visibility is really poor. Who cares if the wooden stakes are only $.50, when you cannot see them at night time plowing! This means that they are of no use.

Buy Plow Stakes That Have 9″ Reflective Tape

Hence, when you are shopping for your plow stakes, the most important things you must consider is how much reflective surface your snow marker provide? Some companies have only 6″ reflective tape on their stakes. Buy from a company that offers 9″; however, 6″ is not bad but why buy them when you can buy the most reflective ones at more or less the same price.

Eliminate the threat of damages to your landscape

The stakes are designed of solid fiberglass material which gives a clean and professional look. They come in highly visible colors which help to reduce property damages caused by plowing, or for marking a trail clearly. These are easy to use, flexible and extremely durable. Eliminate the threat of any damages to your landscape by plow trucks with the use of plow stakes. For the plow contractors who service residences and homeowners, just marking the driveway with the reflective stake will not only save you time but also money to repair the landscape once the snow clears.

Uses of Polyurethane Plow Stakes are Limitless

The plow stakes can be used for marking the boundary of whatever you want and not for snow plowing alone. There are also plow stakes that are unique, highly reflective markers that are made of polyurethane. They come in 6 different models from which to select. The uses of these reusable and sturdy stakes are limitless.

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